Life Insurance For People With Diabetes

As we age, most people will develop some sort of health condition, like diabetes, that they think will preclude them from getting life insurance from companies like And in the past, they would be right. However, today, people living with diabetes and other health conditions can get affordable life insurance from Claybrooke. This is […]

Life Insurance For Diabetics | The Truth About Purchasing Life Insurance When You Have Diabetes There is a lot of misinformation about obtaining the life insurance you need when you suffer from diabetes or some other serious medical condition.  But most of these misconceptions are negative…the truth is very positive. For example, diabetics can often get life insurance coverage without a medical exam.  And it’s not just whole life […]

Why Everyone Should Have Life Insurance

Few people like to think about their own mortality. Discussing issues such as life insurance can be painful and it is something that a lot of people want to avoid. Many people even consider not bothering with life insurance, or skipping the payments because there are other things that they want to spend the money […]

Can People With Diabetes Get Life Insurance?

diabetics can get life insurance

Many people struggle with diabetes. This serious health condition can be debilitating even for those who manage it well. Eating right, getting plenty of exercise and taking medication are all a part of a well managed health care plan for the diabetic. Even though they are seriously ill, they manage to live a full life […]

Do You Really Need To Purchase A Life Insurance Policy?

life insurance for people over 50

While millions of people over the age of 50 do carry life insurance policies, millions do not have this type of insurance. They think, as you might, that life insurance is for something after you’re dead and gone so why list it as a priority? However, after you die, a funeral must take place. Somehow […]

Life Insurance for Seniors

life insurance for seniors

What is life insurance for seniors? It is always ideal to plan for the future and it’s never too late to do just that.  Men and women who are already in their senior years think that it’s too late for them to invest in life insurance to secure the future of their loved ones when […]